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Hairstyles For Short Hair

Many people often thing, I'm sick of managing my long hair. Some think, I need a change. Some people needed to cut their hair off for a variety of reasons, and now they need help deciding what to do with it. Short hairstyles can be tricky, but it has its upsides. First you have got to choose why you want a short hairstyle, because this is the guide to finding one that works for you.

For instance, some women want short hairstyles so they can maintain it with an ease. For those of you who have been long hair long timers you can understand how frustrating it tends to get managing long hair. Short hair takes less time, and with some styles, less effort.

For most, the worry that short hair is unfeminine is present, but this is not the case! Short hair can even be more feminine and more flattering for some people; it's all a matter of trying different things and opening yourself up to a world of options. Just keep in mind that you should be absolutely positive before letting your stylist pick up those scissors, as your hair may take quite a while to grow back.

Now it's time to decide how short you want to take it. For those of you who have never had short hair, I would suggest a bob or a messy look. These looks are short, but not too short. Usually going to the chin or maybe an inch past, these looks are perfect for people who've never tried short hair and want to start slowly. However, short cuts can be lengthy, or incredibly short. It's all about preference.

The bob cut is a cut that can vary in styles. It is what it sounds like, a short hair cut ending in a slight bob. It is usually kept sleek and straight, and it is perfect for a business sophisticated look. Asymmetrical bobs are really in this year (longer in the front, shorter in the back).

The Messy Look is often the same length as a bob, sometimes a bit longer and is usually a choppy layered look that is low maintenance. Perfect for those who switched to short because it is easy to manage, you can just rough it up and go.

The Boy Cut is a look that works particularly well with people with very subtle features; it brings out your entire face and works best on a person with a thinner frame most often.

Elegant Wedding Hairstyles For Short Hair

If you are a new bride to be and planning your wedding, one of the most important aspects of the day is your gown, jewelry and what you are going to do with your hair. It seems as though the lucky brides with long hair have endless possibilities to style their hair, but those with short hair may feel as though they are limited to the kinds of styles that they can wear.

There are ways that brides with short hair can still get the look that they want. Wedding hairstyles for short hair do not have to be limited to one or two styles. There can be a lot of unique and elegant ways to wear short hair on your wedding day. Once you pick out your wedding dress, and decide what type of veil and accessories that you are going to wear, you can begin the process of choosing your hairstyle.

One of the best places to get started finding the style for you, is by looking through wedding magazines, hairstyle magazines and online for resources on finding the best styles. Once you have an idea of the wedding hairstyle for short hair that you are interested in, you can begin to do consultations with hair stylists who can try out different styles with you and find the one that works the best. No matter what kind of style you decide to go with, it is important that you have a practice style first, to make sure that it is going to work for you. Some hairstyles are not possible for everyone, and depending on the length, style and texture of your hair, there may be certain styles that are better than others.

Another option for wedding hairstyles for short hair is to put in hair extensions. When these are put in your hair professionally, they can be colored to match the exact color of your own hair. They can be a fun way to dress up your hair, and have a unique style the day of your wedding. Hair extensions come in a variety of styles and lengths. They can be put in to wear your hair down, or they can be styled up along with your own hair in a sweeping and elegant updo.

Whatever wedding hairstyles for short hair you decide on, the one that is most comfortable to you and looks great will no doubt be a good choice. A good tip is to bring your headpiece or veil into the practice session of your styling to make sure that the style that you want will work with your headpiece.

Popular Hairstyles For Fat Faces

Hairstyles are one significant factor for a person's beauty. Be it a man or woman, the look of one's hair makes a phenomenal difference in their beauty. So it is essential in understanding the importance of having a good hairstyle. At the same time, it is also important to understand the necessity of having hairstyles that suit each individual.

Since the shape of the face is one supporting factor for the hair style, it would be better to make a choice of the hair with respect to the size and shape of the face. People with fat and chubby faces are always concerned to have better looks and here are some good tips.

Bob hairstyles are a good option for chubby faces. A fat face does not mean that someone is oversized, as any face which lacks visibility of the facial bones is considered to be a chubby face. A bob hair style forms a frame around the face and extends beyond the neck, so that the face looks complete. This hair style then can be shaped into layers as well for a better look. Bob hairstyles can better suit a fat face and would definitely give a slimmer look to the face.

It is sometimes good to have long hairstyles than to have short hairstyles for fat faces. Long hair styles make the face look lengthier instead of making it look wider. Choosing a hair cut that falls over the cheek and bordering close to the chin also helps the face to look longer. Going for a straight hairstyle is highly recommended as opposed to acquiring a wavy style of hair.

While long hair styles for women will be the best choice, there are definitely some recommended hair styles that would help fat faces look good. Smoothly layered bob haircuts, short shags, stylish up-dos, short pixie haircuts, layered hairstyles, long curls, layered bangs, honey and caramel blonde hairstyles, trendy teen and shaggy long hair are the ten best hairstyle suggestions for fat faces.

All these hairstyles would give an appealing look to a fat face and would add charm to their beauty. But it is always best to have good consultation at the salon before going for a particular look.

For men that are a little concerned about their appearance, the hair plays a factor in giving great looks. If they can manage the look, some men opt for longer hair to help slim their face. However, not everybody can carry long hairstyles well. Browsing the net and getting a virtual makeover is a great idea, as you can get a consultation of hair style this way without leaving your home. It easy to find hairstyles for fat faces, you just have to look around and try different looks on your face.

12 Popular Hairstyles For Men

In Dallas, it seems, there is typically little thought given to how the groom should be dressed, groomed, and accessorized; it is also your day and you should look your best. The tux may be chosen, the boutonniere fitted, and shoes picked out; but how will you best address your hairstyle for your big day? There are a variety of popular hairstyles grooms use on their wedding day to look their very best. Here are 12 of the most popular hairstyles in Dallas for men.

Shaved: One of the options for a popular hairstyle is just to shave your head. If you wonder if this is attractive or popular, look to beauties like Bruce Willis.

Buzz cut: Closely related to the maintenance free shaved cut, is the buzz cut. Signature of army men, the buzz cut offers a clean and attractive look for any man's wedding day.

Caesar cut: Another popular option for your male hairstyle is what is called the Caesar cut. It is characterized by short length and a horizontal cut resembling that of Julius Caesar.

The Business Man cut: The Business Man cut is another short haircut that many men enjoy because it is low maintenance but also very conservative and formal looking. While there a variety of ways in which this look can be altered, the gist is that the hair is parted on the side and tapered in the back and on the sides.

The Fade cut: The Fade cut is another tapered hairstyle for men, and tapers up on the sides and back of the head. This one is similar to another popular style, the Flattop cut.

Faux Hawk: The Faux Hawk is certainly reserved for more informal and fun weddings but is definitely becoming more and more popular with men at the moment. It is just like a Mohawk, but the hair is just styled to look like it is shaved on the sides.

Spikes: Of the same informal effect as the Faux Hawk, the spiked hairstyle can add some fun to any wedding day. Spikes are fashioned with hair gel so that hair stands up straight. The great thing about spikes is that they can be more formal or more fun-it really depends upon the groom.

Short Back and Sides: One of the most classic hairstyles for men, both then and now, is the style that is associated with short sides and a short back, with the hair left long on the top. This is a classic but stylish hairstyle for any groom looking for a versatile haircut.

Shag: The shag is of course a tribute to the 1970s long layered style in men, and can be quite a popular and attractive cut depending on the face and style of the man wearing it. This cut requires longer hair-at least below the ears-and is an alternative look to many formal haircuts used for groom's wedding hairstyles.

Bowl Cut: Another alternative option for a wedding hairstyle is the bowl cut-also signature of a retro style. The bowl cut is characterized by long sides, back, and front-picture a bowl being upside down and placed on your head.

Layered: More and more fashionable men are also choosing to have their hair layered for their wedding days. Layers come in short and long styles depending on what look you are seeking, but cannot also define the man's face well but also add a fashionable flair to his ensemble.

Burr: The burr is closely related to the buzz cut and is closely cropped, but not necessarily as short as a buzz cut. It offers the same low maintenance but professional look for any wedding day.

Long Layered Hairstyles - Pros and Cons

Your hairstyle is likely to be one of the first things others notice about you. For this reason, most women put a lot of thought into the style they choose. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of the popular long layered hairstyle.

Pros of Long Layered Hairstyles

Carefully placed layers add definition, volume, and texture to fine hair. The layers placed around the face can draw attention to your facial features, such as your eyes and lips. Long layers suit women of all face shapes and bring to light your best features while diminishing flaws.

Long layered hairstyles will also make your hair more bouncy and shiny, leaving it looking healthy and nourished. Layers can also be effectively used to help make unruly hair more manageable. If you are weighed down with overly thick hair that is difficult to control, properly placed layers can make your styling routine much easier.

Cons of Long Layered Hairstyles

Hair grows at a rate of only about half an inch every month. Taking this into consideration, we quickly realize that deciding upon a long layered hairstyle is a big step. It will be months before all the layers grow out, leaving you stuck with this hairstyle for a while. The rate at which the layers will even up will depend greatly on how many layers are used. The growing out phase can be awkward and make styling your hair during this time quite difficult.

Layered hair looks best when more time is spent styling it. You will probably need to spend more time blow drying and straightening your hair when you have layers. You need to be realistic with yourself if you feel you are not the type of person who has time to spend styling your hair each day.

Women with young children or those who are athletic in nature often tie their hair back while performing their daily activities. Layered hair may have portions that are too short to be tied back and it also generally does not look as attractive worn this way. If you frequently wear your hair tied back, you may want to give careful consideration to whether or not you are willing and able to give up that practice.

Keeping the pros and cons carefully in mind and consulting your hairstylist can help you determine whether or not a long layered hairstyle is right for you.

Layered Hairstyles

Layered hairstyles are among the best hairstyles and look good on almost all types of hair lengths. It is considered to be the simplest addition to the normal hairstyle yet it changes the complete look of an individual. These hairstyles increase volume and are just enough make anyone stylish and look beautiful.

To have a look of the layered haircut, one just needs to cut hairs into different layers. The uppermost layer is the chin length or just touching the ears or may be beginning with fringes and locks. Thereafter the length keeps on increasing and the layers are appropriately given. Some people have their entire hair length layered and some may just have the lower hairs layered. It completely depends on the individual preference. Colors and highlights can add elegance to the hairstyle. A combination of colors can be used on layered haircuts, giving way to innovative styles and looks.

Layers provide variations depending on different hair lengths like short layers, choppy layers, long layers and other styling additions as well. Short-layered hairstyles are rarely seen but are still popular with long layers at both front and sides. Short hairdos can go up to one or two layers. Layers will jazz up any short hair cut.

For medium length there are plenty of variations for layers. Razor is used to slice the front part of the hair and then appropriate layers are cut. The front bang forms the facial framing and gives a smooth and tapered effect.

Having long hair is always advantageous. If the hair length is long, layered hairstyles are most preferred. The hairstyle can be accentuated with highlights. Long layered hairstyles offer many different styling options and look great on oval and long facial shapes. The first layer begins at the eye level or the ear level and then the layers keep on increasing till the complete hair length. The longest layer at the bottom can either be U shape or straight. For long hairs nothing can be more attractive and stylish than a layered long hairstyle.

Easy Hairstyles For Long Hair

Most women enjoy having long hair because they can do virtually any hairstyle that is known to man. From simple waves to complicated buns, having long hair can do just that. However, if you are getting tired of having the same boring hairstyle, here are some interesting hairstyles that you can try out.


1. Long Side Ponytail

This hairstyle is simple yet romantic. Start with soft and bouncy curls with the use of a curling iron. Set it slightly with hairspray. Gather the hair on to the side and secure with an elastic or a decorative hair tie.

2. Preppy Updo

This chic and sophisticated hairstyle may seem complicated at first but it's actually really easy. Gather your hair in a low ponytail and then start twisting it to form a bun. Secure it with an elastic. Top it off with an elegant headband and you're all set.

3. The Fishtail

Braids are a great hairstyle option. French braids are a classic example, however we will take a step further with fishtail braids. Fishtail braids may seem a bit complicated at first, but with practice, it can be done. There are some tutorials that can offer you easy ways to do this. Embellish your braid with decorative clips and you are all set for a bohemian, girly flair.

4. The Sleek Updo

If you prefer having a clean updo without sacrificing volume, all you have to do is to gather the front section of your hair. Push it towards the front so that it will create a slight bump. Secure this section with a bobby pin. Next, gather the hair into a medium ponytail, twist it until it forms a bun. Secure with a hair tie and you're done.

5. The Half-Up Bun

The half up bun is really easy to do. First, grab the front section of your hair. Slightly push it forward to create a bump and then secure with a hair tie. Next, gather up the middle part of your hair in order to create a half up ponytail. Twist it until you are able to create a bun. Secure with a simple elastic or a decorative hair tie. Check to see if everything is in place. Apply hairspray to place everything in place. You can either leave the rest of your hair straight, or you can also use a curling iron to create soft curls.

As you can see, you can do so many things with your hair aside from the boring and usual ponytails. Try these options and give them a go. With these hairstyles, you will never stick with the same boring hairstyle again.

Hairstyles For Long Hairs

When it comes to hair, there is nothing more appealing and attractive than long, thick, textured and coarse hair. Long hairstyles are a great way to show the glamour and shine of natural hair. Whether it is a birthday party, a candle light dinner, or a wedding, long hairs can style out to be more appealing and beautiful.

Since time immemorial long hairs were the trend for women but today for men also the trend is shifting from short hairstyles to long haircuts. Celebrity's hairstyles have added on the increasing trend of long cuts and hairstyles. Hairstyles for long hairs have endless variations for both men and women.

Women have always tried various styles on their long haircuts. Some of the tools like sedu iron, dryer, crimping machine, etc. aid them to style their hair at home. They need not go a parlor or a stylist every time before going for a party or wedding. Some of the most popular long hairstyles for women are straight, curls, waves and layers.

Long curly hairstyles are the best to go with any occasion. They need lots of maintenance, as hair tends to become dry and frizzy. Hair gems, hair accessories and hair pins can be used on curly hairs as adornment. If the curls are large, one can even try for layered hairstyle. Long layered hairstyles can transform the look of the woman to more attractive, stylish and elegant. Not only curls, layers also look good on straight and wavy hairs. Another choice for long hair is the pony tail, the most common hairstyle having several variations.

Men too have a range of options for styling their long hairs. Some of the most common long hairstyles for men are dimensional cut, layers, and hair colors. Pony tail and layers are not only meant for women but even men today are found with low pony tails and light curls. Men also do pressing and hair coloring.

The current fashion trend comprises of a range of hairstyles for both men and women. It's not necessary that all hairstyles suit everybody. Different hairstyles look best on different people depending on their facial structure. Choppy bobs, long waves and shoulder skimming shags look great on oval faces. Avoid blunt cut for oval faces if hair is thick and curly. Chin length bobs. Side swept bangs, curls, waves and layers are ideal hairstyles for long faces. Extremely long or short cuts elongate the face so avoid these cuts for long faces. Keep long bangs and graduated layers for round faces and for square faces try to cover the angular jaw with any style of curls or layers.

Short-Medium Hairstyles - All You Need to Know

Perhaps you have had short hair for awhile and have now decided to let it grow out. The day will come when your hair will no longer be short, but it will not be a true medium length yet either. That in between length could drive you nuts, but with a little bit of patience and some great styling products that are on the market today, you will discover that it is actually possible to enjoy styling your hair while you are letting it grow longer. Living with the length between short and medium can be a lot of fun if you take advantage of the versatile hairstyles you can achieve with a blow dryer, mousse, wax, or gel and a curling iron.

Layering is one of the best styling techniques you can take advantage of in order to achieve a terrific look. Layering adds body to your hair which gives you the ability to try many different hairstyles. You can experiment with different styles easily because you can vary the type of layering. If your hair is short to medium in length, try long layers or short layers, back layers or layers that frame your face. The most important point is to choose a style that enhances the shape of your face.

Even though your hair is somewhere between short and medium, there are many styles you can try. A pretty headband or barrettes can add a touch of glamor to a medium length style. You can wear a ponytail and leave little wisps of hair out of the ponytail. This helps to give your hair a unique style. Curl the ends of your hair with a curling iron for a soft, feminine flip and add a shine mist for a shimmering look that will catch anyone's eye. You are not locked into one style just because your hair length is somewhere between short and medium.

You can highlight some strands for added depth and dimension. You can fringe it or add bangs if you like. You can wear medium length hair straight, with curls, waves, or tight curls. You can let it look a little messy or windblown. You are not limited in what you can do. Look at photographs of models with short to medium length hair. You will be amazed at how many different hairstyles you will see. Pick a style that brings out your personality and compliments your face, and you may just find that this short medium length is your best length ever.

Are you interested in seeing how you look with thousands of hairstyles in 53 different colors? Check out the Free Trial on my website where you upload your photo and then the magic begins. This is like having a fairy godmother who, with a touch of her magic wand, can let you see yourself in different short hair styles before you cut your hair!


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