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Long Layered Hairstyles - Pros and Cons

Your hairstyle is likely to be one of the first things others notice about you. For this reason, most women put a lot of thought into the style they choose. Here we will discuss the pros and cons of the popular long layered hairstyle.

Pros of Long Layered Hairstyles

Carefully placed layers add definition, volume, and texture to fine hair. The layers placed around the face can draw attention to your facial features, such as your eyes and lips. Long layers suit women of all face shapes and bring to light your best features while diminishing flaws.

Long layered hairstyles will also make your hair more bouncy and shiny, leaving it looking healthy and nourished. Layers can also be effectively used to help make unruly hair more manageable. If you are weighed down with overly thick hair that is difficult to control, properly placed layers can make your styling routine much easier.

Cons of Long Layered Hairstyles

Hair grows at a rate of only about half an inch every month. Taking this into consideration, we quickly realize that deciding upon a long layered hairstyle is a big step. It will be months before all the layers grow out, leaving you stuck with this hairstyle for a while. The rate at which the layers will even up will depend greatly on how many layers are used. The growing out phase can be awkward and make styling your hair during this time quite difficult.

Layered hair looks best when more time is spent styling it. You will probably need to spend more time blow drying and straightening your hair when you have layers. You need to be realistic with yourself if you feel you are not the type of person who has time to spend styling your hair each day.

Women with young children or those who are athletic in nature often tie their hair back while performing their daily activities. Layered hair may have portions that are too short to be tied back and it also generally does not look as attractive worn this way. If you frequently wear your hair tied back, you may want to give careful consideration to whether or not you are willing and able to give up that practice.

Keeping the pros and cons carefully in mind and consulting your hairstylist can help you determine whether or not a long layered hairstyle is right for you.

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